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With no start up cost or registration fees all you pay is a small commission for the jobs that you complete which covers the use of our platform, updates and maintenance of the driver app, processing of credit card payments and 24/7 support and help.


Know you’re ready to hit the road. Whether you’re driving your own car or a commercially-licensed vehicle, you must meet the minimum requirements and undergo a screening process and training before you are ready to drive.


Earn extra cash by utilizing what you already have, your car you’re sure to earn some extra cash by enrolling your taxi or private car with us. Free yourself from roaming the streets looking for passengers, get passenger request straight to your phone for rides now, later or next day.

About the app

Designed just for drivers

When you want to make money, just open the app and you’ll start to receive trip requests. You’ll get information about your rider and directions to their location and destination. When the trip is over, you’ll receive another nearby request. And if you're ready to get off the road, you can sign off at any time.



Take on driving jobs at your convenience. Drive as much or as little as you need to or want to. Be it the middle of the day on weekend or after your day job. Someone always needs a ride your choose when to drive.

Driver Safety

Tap a button for emergency assistance, our technology helps put peace of mind at your fingertips. Get there with support on the road and technology that helps protect you and those around you.

Drive with confidence

With complete monitoring of all trips, 24/7 support and emergency assistance, passenger verification and technology that helps protect you and those around you, you’ll be able to go wherever the opportunity.

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